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Spring Calendar, 2015‏




学校的公告栏(Room 108外面)有展示学生的傑作,现在是七年级班的“感恩”,盼望家长们孩子感恩心语学校的网站(www.ecbcchineseschool.org)有最新讯习,欢迎家上网流览。




函附上明年春季班上课日程家长们十二孩子以便校方提早安排各班的老师,另外春季班课后社团的活动(1/10~5/2)即日也接受报名,注册地点在中文学校办公(134房间) 敬祝大家感恩假期愉


Dear Parents,


Greetings! Chinese school recitation contest will be held in each class this Saturday (November 22th).  Please drop off your child/children before 1:30PM atthe classroom.  Your support and cooperation is very much appreciated.


Chinese School bulletin board (outside of Room 108) has displayed students’ masterpieces.  It is from the seventh grade class this time- “Thanksgiving”.  I hope all the parents stop by to appreciate the children’s work of Thanksgiving. Additionally, school’s website (www.ecbcchineseschool.org) contains the latest news.  We welcome parents and children browse it on the Internet.


We thank God that through the word of mouth from our parents and teachers, several prospective families would like to visit our school.  We havescheduled December 6th as an open house day that new students can sit in.  Please share this good news to your friends and family and encourage them to come visit us that day from 1:30pm.


Attached is the school calendar of spring semester, 2015.  We will start taking registration for Chinese classes and the after-school activities for the Spring semester now through December 13th.  Please register your child/children in the school office (Room #134) to guarantee a spot.  We wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving! 



蔡瑜芬/Vickie Chyan