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以马内利中文学校一月讯息/ECS January Newsletter‏




课后的社团活动有合唱团、乒乓球、绘画课、和朱大鸣老师的数学课,都从一月十七日开始上课,报名截止日是这周六。课后社团活动是一学期$100,请交给中文学校,数学课的费用是一学期$225,请交给杨云(Yun Yang)。上课的时间表如下:

3:30~4:30pm 合唱团、乒乓球、绘画课

4:30~6:20pm 数学课



Dear Parents,

Emmanuel Chinese School wishes you a Blessed Happy New Year!

The spring semester of Chinese school will start classes this Saturday, January 10th. Please drop off your child/children to classrooms by 1:30pm.

The after-school activity classes are choir, ping pong, painting, and math enrichment. They all start classes on January 17th. The deadline for the registration is this Saturday. The activity fee is $100 per semester per student and payable to Chinese School. The math enrichment is $225 per semester per student and payable to Yun Yang. The schedule is as follows.

3:30~4:30pm Choir, Ping Pong, Painting

4:30~6:20pm Math Enrichment

The website of Chinese school: www.ecbcchineseschool.org has uploaded the award ceremony of students’ recitation competition and reward store. Please feel free to view them. Lastly, please turn in the registration forms and tuition by this Saturday if you have not done so. Thank you again for your support and cooperation. Have a wonderful year!


蔡瑜芬/Vickie Chyan