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以马内利中文学校三月讯息/ECS March Newsletter‏






中文学校最近收到今年夏今营的资讯,有支加哥和达拉斯两处,支加哥是七月日至十八日,共十四天,费用是$1500/人;达拉斯是六月二十八日至七月四日,共七天,费用是$450/人;详情请上网http://www.chicagowind.com/2015/0302/2541.html (支加哥)http://chineseyouthcamp.com(达拉斯)





Dear Parents and Teachers,


Greetings!  As the weather gets warmer it feels like spring is coming.  The spring break for Chinese school is on this Saturday (March 14th) and no class will be in session.  However, all the classes resume next Saturday (March 21st).  Please drop off your child/children to the classrooms by 1:30pm.


Chinese School will publish a yearbook including all the students’ and teachers’/staff’s articles.  Please help your child/children to finish the article once their teacher assigns the topic.  School also will hold a literacy contest/spelling bee on April 18th.  Please review the Chinese characters that your child/children have learned this school year.


Chinese school is glad to share a couple of summer camp information in Chicago and Dallas.  The camp from Chicago runs from July 5th to 18th for $1500/per student and the camp at Dallas runs from June 28th to July 4th at $450/per student.  Please refer the websites for more detailed information: http://www.chicagowind.com/2015/0302/2541.html (Chicago)and http://chineseyouthcamp.com(Dallas)

Have a nice spring break!



蔡瑜芬/Vickie Chyan