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以马内利中文学校十一/十二月讯息(ECS November/December Newsletter)‏



感谢神保守学生们的朗诵比赛已顺利告一个段落,看到学生们认真背诵、表现优异,颇受三位评审的赞赏,校方在此特别感谢家长们的协助并鼓励孩子诵读,和老师们精心选择诵读的文章。我们的网站长陈锦华已将此活动所拍摄的学生照片放在中文学校的网站,欢迎上网观赏:www.ecbcchineseschool.org, 十二月十二日3:00-3:30pm将举办朗诵比赛颁奖典礼,请家长们一起到中文崇拜堂参加颁奖典礼。

随函附上明年春季班的上课日程和责任表格,十二月五日是我们的注册日,请家长们当天拨冗为孩子们报名春季中文班和课后活动(绘画课、乒乓球队、足球队) ,谢谢家长们的支持与合作。


Dear Parents,

Greetings! We as the Chinese school staff and teachers wish you all a blessed happy Thanksgiving!!!

Praise God that the recitation contest has come to a conclusion this month. We are blessed to have three wonderful judges to help with the contest. The extraordinary recitations of our students impressed them greatly. We would like to thank the help from the teachers and parents to get the students ready for the contest. Our webmaster, Mr. George Chen, has put the pictures from this contest on our school website. Please go to the website and check the pictures, they are pretty amazing. The address of the website is www.ecbcchineseschool.org. We will hold an award ceremony for the recitation contest from 3:00 to 3:30pm on December 12. Parents please join us in the main sanctuary for the award ceremony.

Attached please find the calendar of the Spring semester and the liability form. We will hold an enrollment on December 5. Please do come to school to register for your children for the regular Chinese class and the after-class activity classes (Drawing, Ping pong, and Soccer). Your support and cooperation is very much appreciated.

The students’ award store will be held on December 12. There will be no school on November 28 due to the Thanksgiving holiday. See you all on December 5.


蔡瑜芬/Vickie Chyan