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以马内利中文学校五月讯息(ECS May Newsletter)




1:30-2:25pm    各班教室上课

2:30-2:45pm    中文崇拜堂识字比赛颁奖、分发校
2:50-3:30pm    中文学校办公奖励商店

2:50-4:30pm    各班教室全校园游会

靑少年中国文化夏令营是七月十八至二十二日,内容有民俗体育、民俗舞蹈、民俗工艺,随函附上夏令营报名表格、秋季班的上课日程注册表格始接受报名,请家长们尽帮孩子们注册请大家在暑假期继续收集Box Top的标签,八月份开学交给校谢谢家长们这一年对中文学校的支持与合作敬祝祈安!

Dear Parents and Teachers,


Greetings!  Praise the Lord that the Word Recognition Contest has concluded last month.  Our children did a wonderful job at the contest.  The last class day for this Spring semester is this Saturday, May 7.  The schedule for the day is as follows.  Parents please do come and join us for award assembly at 2:30pm in the Chinese Sanctuary.  There will be no after-class activities this Saturday.

1:30 to 2:25pm– Regular class in session

2:30 to 2:45pm—Church Sanctuary – Award assembly, Yearbooks distribution

2:50 to 3:30pm—Chinese School office – Award store

2:50 to 4:30pm—All classrooms – All School Carnival

Attached please find the information of youth summer camp, the school calendar and registration forms of the Fall semester. Chinese School is taking these two enrollments now.  Please continue to collect the Box Top labels throughout the summer and turn them in to Chinese School when the classes are in session this August.  Emmanuel Chinese School wants to take this opportunity to thank all the parents’ support and cooperation this year.  Have a blessed week!


蔡瑜芬/Vickie Chyan