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Dear Students and Parents

New Semester is about to start.  Students are coming back to Emmanuel Chinese School to learn Chinese language together with joy. Every Saturday, the Chinese classes end at 3:30pm.  After that, school provides many different optional activities, such as soccer, ping-pong, drawing, and web design. These after school activity classes will lead your students to participate the Chinese school more actively with passion.  These activity classes are taught by the teachers who have many years of experience, who show compassion and love to the class (Attached is the introduction of teachers).  Please sign up for the optional class.

Ping-Pong Coach: Li Hong

Coach Li is graduated from HuNan Sports Academy, majoring in Ping-Pong.  He has won several champions in HuNan Sports event. He taught Ping-Pong as a professional coach for three years.  He won the first place several times in US Mid-west regional matches.

Drawing Teacher: Peter Pang

Mr. Pang is major in oil painting, professional artist and work at a major art studio in China.  He has been an art teacher since moving to the United States.  He has been teaching drawing class since 2006.

Drawing Teacher: Zhang JingZe

Ms. Zhang is an artist.  She has been doing art design, oil painting, Chinese drawing for many years.  She has lots of teaching experience.  Children and parents enjoy her teaching very much.

Soccer Coach: George Chen

Coach Chen is a soccer player.  He has many years of coaching experience.  He is full of love and patience in coaching children sports. His class is dynamics and fun.  Cultivating the team spirit and brave spirit, he helps students to develop skills in soccer.

Web Program Instructors: Brian Tung & Sharynne Azhar

Mr. Tung and Miss Azhar will teach topics including HTML, CSS and JavaScript.  This is a basic technology course in programming and web design.  The students are expected to have basic computer usage skills, but no prior coding experience is required.  All seventh-grade and up students are welcome to sign up for this class.


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