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2016年秋季班报名/Fall Registration on August 6 (Ice Cream Social)




随函附上注册资讯、上课日程和表格,若有任何问题,欢迎和我们连系(Email or call at 913-402-2027 / 918-760-9011)。敬祝暑安!

Dear ECS Parents,

Good Morning!  After more than two months of summer vacation, we are excited that our Chinese School will begin classes onAugust 13th.  Praise God that we will start an AP Chinese class this semester.  The AP class teacher is Ms. Yang Yun who has been teaching Chinese for many years.  We believe that the students will benefit tremendously and receive an outstanding AP score with their diligent study and Ms. Yang’s guidance and training in preparing for the test.  Please share this wonderful information to your friends and their children.

In order for our children to have a smooth and successful class on the first day of school, we have set up a registration day at 1:00pm on August 6th.  All the students can sign up Chinese classes and after school activities, purchase textbooks, and meet with the class teachers on that afternoon.  The school will also provide ice cream to all students and parents.  Please help us to spread the words out!

Enclosed are the registration information, class schedule and forms.  Please feel free to contact us through email or call at (913)402-2027/(918)760-9011 if you have any questions.  Have a nice and cool summer!


蔡瑜芬/Vickie Chyan