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以马内利中文学校三月讯息/ECS March Newsletter




中文学校这学期将编辑一本学校校刊,由所有学生和教职人员的文章为主,老师们会给孩子们布置文章,请家长们协助孩子写文章,如果家长们有学校活动照片,请提交学校或发送电子邮件到学校邮([email protected])。另外学校会在四月八日举办各班识字比赛,请家长们也协助孩子多复习认字或字词。






Dear ECS Parents,


Chinese School is excited to announce that our church sister Yalu Pao has set up a BAOS Insurance scholarship for our students.  Details in the attached document.  We want to give big thanks for her generosity.

Chinese School will publish a yearbook including all the students’ and teachers’/staff’s articles.  Please help your child/children to finish their article once their teacher assigns the topic.  Also there will be a spelling bee contest on April 8th.  Please review the Chinese characters that your child/children have learned this school year.

There will be no class on the spring break for Chinese school on March 11th.  The daylight saving time begins on March 12th.  All classes will resume on March 18th.

The parents on duty in March are Cher Gault (3/4), Cher Gault (3/18) and Zhuo Tang (3/25).  May God bless you and your family a wonderful weekend!




蔡瑜芬/Vickie Chyan