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以马内利中文学校四月讯息/ECS April Newsletter






1:30-3:30 ​​文课           3:30-4:30 社团活动课
3:40-4:40  活动 (儿童游乐) 4:40-          BBQ晚餐、联谊交流

我们的学校工作人员于艳提供免费的报税咨询请到办公室安排预约中文学校正在编辑学校校刊,若家长们有学校活动照片,请提交学校或发送电子邮件到学校邮([email protected])。欢迎大家继续收集Box Tops标签。


四月份值班家长:李为璐(4/1)韩梅(4/8)彭清华(4/22) 梁海鷹(4/29) 。愿神赐您们合家身体安康、福恩滿溢

Dear Parents and Teachers,


Greetings!  As the weather gets warmer we know that the spring is upon us.  Thank God for creating the universe, green grass and beautiful flowers.


Chinese school will hold a Fun Word Recognition Contest on April 8th.  Parents please help your child/ children to review the vocabularies at home.  On the same day, there is an all school BBQ dinner/party.  The school will prepare hamburgers, hot dogs, and buns.  Please refer to PTO mail for other details (http://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0948adaa2ea3f58-volunteers4/29947010).  Please bring your families, lawn chairs and your favorite dish to come join the fun. The timetable for the day is as follows:


1:30-3:30    Chinese classes              3:30-4:30    after school activities

3:40-4:40    Games (playground)      4:40-           BBQ dinner, fellowship


One of our school staff, Ms. Yanli Yu, offers free consultation of filing taxes.  Please come to the office to schedule the appointment.  If you have school event photos, please submit them to the school office or email them to the school email address ASAP for the yearbooks.  We continue to collect Box Tops labels.


The parents on duty in April are Caroline Li (4/1), Maggie Han (4/8), Andy Perry (4/22) and Haiying Liang (4/29).  Have a blessed week!



蔡瑜芬/Vickie Chyan