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以马内利中文学校九月讯息/ECS September Newsletter






Dear ECS Parents and Teachers,


Greetings!  We will have no Chinese school this Saturday due to the Labor Day weekend.  All classes will resume next Saturday.  Please have your children arrive at their classrooms with their textbooks and workbooks before 1:30pm.

Attached is a copy of the Parents’ on-duty roster for this semester.  We would like to thank the parents who were on duty for the last two weeks so that all students could stay focused on learning Chinese in an orderly environment.  The on-duty parents are to maintain the quietness on the hallway outside the classrooms when all classes are in session.  During the ten-minute recess, the attention should be focused on children’s safety outside of the building at the playground.  After the classes ended, please assist teachers to arrange tables and chairs neatly.  The parents on duty for the month of September are Hazel Lee (Sept. 9th), Vivian Xie (Sept. 16th), Ms. Zhang (Sept. 23rd) and Willa Wang (Sept. 24th).


May God bless you all a wonderful blessed Labor Day Weekend!

秘书Secretary顾瑜Alice Gu

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网站长Web Master陈锦华George Chen

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