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以马内利中文学校十一月讯息/ECS November Newsletter



值勤家长耿昕()Emma Huang()甑朋千() 请值勤家长在上课期间维持教室外走道的安静,以帮助孩子们专心学习;在课休(十分钟)时,注意孩子们在外面玩的安全




Dear ECS Parents and Teachers,


Greetings!  Chinese school will host a recitation contest on November 11th during the school hours. There will be three judges going through the classes and grading each participant.  Please drop off your child/children to the classroom on time, or slightly before 1:30 PM.  Also please help your child/children practice their recitation contents.

The parents on duty for the month of November are Sherry Geng (Nov. 4th), Emma Huang (Nov. 11th) and Pengqian Zhen (Nov. 18th).  The parents on duty are to maintain the quietness on the hallway outside the classrooms during the class sessions so the children can concentrate on their classes. During the ten-minutes recess, the attention should be focused on children’s safety of the playground outside.


Lastly, Room 133, next to the school office, is for parents’ use during school hours. Please let us know what we can do to make the room more comfortable for you.  Also the day light saving time ends on this Sunday, November 5th.  Please adjust your clocks accordingly.  May God bless you all abundantly!


蔡瑜芬/Vickie Chyan