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家长值班 & 春节联欢晚会/Parents on duty & Chinese New Year Celebration Performance



为了学生的安全,我们希望每个上课日能有两位家长值班,主要职责是上、下课打,并在课休(十分钟)时,留意学生在外面儿童游乐的安全。您若愿意帮忙值班,欢迎和我们联系。一月份值班家长:纪晓英(1/6),曹菲和李平山(1/13)覃社庭和郭琳(1/20) 何楠和邓凤燕(1/27)

2018年春节联欢晚会地JCCC Carlsen Center





Dear Parents and Teachers,

Greetings!  The new semester at Emmanuel Chinese School has begun last Saturday and we welcome all the students back to resume their learning of the Chinese language.  Our school holds four extracurricular activities after Chinese classes this year.  They are Table Tennis, Drawing, Chinese Chess / Go and Youth Choir.  These activities are taught by coach and teachers with lots of experience and compassion.  Students’ participation and parents’ fully support are very much appreciated.

Chinese school would like to have two parents on duty on each school day for the safety of our students.  The main duty will be ringing the bell and keeping eyes on students who stay at the playground outside during the ten-minute recess.  Please contact us if you are willing to help.  The parents on duty in January are Lucy (1/6), Fei Cao and Pingshan Li (1/13), Sheting Qin and Lin Guo (1/20), Mr. He and Fengyan Deng (1/27). 


2018 Chinese New Year Celebration Performance: JCCC Carlsen Center

January 27 Hosted by Kansas City Chinese American Association

February 3 Hosted by Kansas City Chinese Association



蔡瑜芬/Vickie Chyan