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以马内利中文学校十二月讯息/ECS December Newsletter



十二月十四日除了中文课和课后活动课照常上课外,有奖励商店(中文学校办公室) ,让学生以这学期上课所累积的点数换取奖品,并有学生朗诵比赛颁奖典礼,颁奖时间是3:00-3:25pm,每位参加朗诵比赛的学生都会领到一个精心制作的奖杯,请家长们一起到中文崇拜堂支持孩子们努力的成果。



Dear Parents and Teachers,

Greetings!  The warmth of the Christmas is upon us, and let us get together and celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. 

All the Chinese classes and after-class activities will be held regularly on December 14th.  There is a reward store for all students to exchange their points for prizes.  Also there is a recitation award assembly.  Parents please do come and join us for the award assembly at 3:00-3:25pm in the Chinese Worship Sanctuary.    

Attached please find the information of the Chinese School calendar for the spring semester of 2020.  We will start taking the enrollment for Chinese classes and after-class activities.  We want to take this opportunity to thank all the parents for your support. 

May God bless you all a wonderful week!  See you this Saturday.


蔡瑜芬/Vickie Chyan