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六月讯息/June Newsletter


由于今年3月发生新冠病毒流行,Johnson county卫生与环境部下令关闭堪萨斯州Johnson county的所有学校。感谢上帝,所有班级都可以用网络上中文课,通过Zoom上课到学期末结束。这春季学期有21名学生将获得全勤奖狀。在这些学生中,有10名学生将获得2019-2020学年(2019年秋季学期和2020年春季学期)的全勤奖杯。



Dear ECS Parents,

All schools in Johnson County, Kansas, were ordered by the Johnson County Department of Health and Environment to close schools for the rest of the school year due to the covid-19 pandemic in March this year. Praise God that all Chinese classes were able to go online and finish up strong toward to the end of semester through Zoom. There are twenty one students who will be rewarded with Full-Attendance award certificates for the spring semester. Ten among those students will be awarded with Full-Attendance trophies for the school year 2019-2020 (2019 fall semester and 2020 spring semester).

Last year in May, our Chinese school has given appreciation to Ms. Yun Yang and Ms. JY Li for their five-year services. This year, we would like to give appreciation to Ms. Lily Cheng who has been teaching in our Chinese school for five years. Her diligent and lively two-way teaching inspires her students in learning Chinese language. Please congratulate Ms. Cheng when you see her or have contact with her.

Our Chinese School staffs have figured out a special way to give back to students after all the school events in the spring semester have been cancelled. The school will give each active student a Chick-fil-A gift card of $6. Each card will have each student’s name on it. They can pick up their gift cards on the enrollment day of the fall semester this August. Those students receive Full-Attendance awards can pick up their certificates or trophies on the same day. May God bless you  all a nice weekend!


蔡瑜芬 /Vickie Chyan