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五月讯息/May Newsletter


收函平安!五月十四日是这学期最后一天上课,中文课照常上课,沒有课后活动课,请家长们3:30来学校接您的孩子。上中文课期间有奖励商店(中文学校办公室) ,让学生以这学期上课所累积的点数换取奖品。当天每位参加识字比赛的学生都会领到一个精心制作的识字比赛奖杯,另外学生获得全勤奖杯和绘画课的绘画比赛前三名奖牌,也同时领奖 。


Dear Parents and Teachers,

Greeting! The last day of classes this semester is May 14th.  The Chinese classes will be held as usual. There will be no after-school activities. Parents, please come to the school to pick up your children at 3:30pm. There is a reward store (Chinese school office) during the Chinese class, allowing students to exchange their points accumulated in this semester for prizes. Each student who participated in the spelling contest will receive a personalized spelling contest trophy. In addition, some students who have perfect attendance will get a big trophy.   The top three drawings in the drawing competition will also receive the awards, medallions, at the same time.

Attached is the Chinese School calendar for the fall semester of 2022. Please go to our Chinese school website (www.ecbcchineseschool.org) to register for the fall semester and feel free to contact us with email or school WeChat for any questions. 

May God bless you all a wonderful weekend!  See you this Saturday.


蔡瑜芬/Vickie Chyan