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十月讯息/October Newsletter



1. 所有中文课1:30开始,请准时将您的孩子送到他们的教室上课。

2. 孩子们在课堂上会练习说中文,课间会和朋友一起玩耍,他们可能会口渴,请让您的孩子带上一个标有他或她名字的水瓶或水壶。

3. 出于安全考量,在上课时间下午1点45分至下午3点15分,正门会锁上。如果您需要在此期间进入正门,请按正门外的门铃或致电(913)599-4137,我们会开门让您进入教会。愿神赐福您们全家安康!

Dear ECS Parents,

Greetings! Hope you are enjoying this nice temperature as much as we do. We would like to share three pieces of information below.

1. All Chinese classes start at 1:30. Please send your child/children to their classroom on time for their classes.

2. Children will practice speaking in Chinese in the class and play with their friends at recess. They might get thirsty. Please have your child/children bring a water bottle(s) or canteen(s), labeled with his or her name on it.

3. For the security reasons, the main entrance will be locked between 1:45pm and 3:15pm during the school hours. If you need to enter the main entrance during this period of time, you may ring the doorbell by the front door or call at (913) 599-4137 and we will open the door to let you into the church.

May God bless you and your family abundantly!


蔡瑜芬/Vickie Chyan