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十一月讯息/November Newsletter




Dear ECS Parents,

Greetings!  Chinese school will host a recitation contest on November 12th during the school hours. There will be three judges going through the classes and grading each student. Please drop off your child/children to the classroom on time, or slightly before 1:30 PM. Also please help your child/children practice their recitation contents.

The day light saving time ends on this Sunday, November 6th.  Please adjust your clocks accordingly.  May God bless you all healthy and safe!

2022-2023 学年的重要日期如下/The important dates for school year 2022-2023:

秋季班 Fall Semester

·      开学School begins:August 20 @ 1:30pm

·      朗诵比赛Recitation contest:November 12

·      奖励商店, 颁奖Award store, Trophies:December 10

春季班 Spring Semester

·      开学School begins:January 7 @ 1:30pm

·      中国春节表演Chinese New Year Performance:TBA

·      识字比赛Word recognition contest:April 22

·      奖励商店, 颁奖Award store, Trophies:May 6


蔡瑜芬/Vickie Chyan