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十二月讯息/December Newsletter





Dear Parents,

Greetings! The last class day of this semester is December 10th. On that date, the Chinese classes will be held as usual, and there will be no after-school activities. There is a reward store for all students to exchange their accumulated points for prizes. There are also personalized trophies for all students who participated in the recitation contest last month.

We would like to remind all parents that please have their children wear winter coats or jackets to come to classes. They may play at the playground or the gym for the 10-minute recess during the Chinese class depending on the temperature.

Attached is the Chinese School calendar for the spring semester of 2023. Please contact us by email or WeChat for any questions. 

May God bless you all with a wonderful weekend!  See you this Saturday.


蔡瑜芬/Vickie Chyan