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以马内利中文学校五月讯息/ECS May Newsletter‏

Dear Parents and teachers,


Receive letter of peace! Thank God for our students in the last month has been successfully completed literacy games, kids excellent performance differences . This semester, most after the next class is this Saturday ( May 9 ) , when the day of class procedures are as follows , please parents at three regular meals together to the church hall to participate , the school will offer a cake, celebrate mother parent section, Session When Parents, please be sure to attend .

1: 30-3: 00pm     each class classroom class, award Store

3: 00-4: 00pm     Church Dining Hall literacy competitions and awards like trophies, distribute school publication , reporting of the end of each class act

4: 00-4: 30pm     Church Dining Hall snacks cross pass , the football team practice ( please male students with chips or a drink, female students with a sweet spot )

Enclose school classes this fall schedule and registration form, please do parents early to help children to register for school each class arrange classroom teacher . Chinese school site is www.ecbcchineseschool.org  , there are school classes and live dynamic resource information , welcome to the Internet, if you have any suggestions or questions, please, and we can not even tie . Please in the summer of room to continue to collect Box Top labels, August school to school party . Thank you parents this year to the support and cooperation of Chinese schools . Sincerely chi! Saturday see .

Dear Parents and Teachers,


Greetings! Praise the Lord that the Word Recognition Contest has concluded by the end of April. Our children did a wonderful job at the contest. The last class day for this spring semester is this Saturday, May 9. The schedule for the day is as follows. Parents please do come and join us for the performance at 3:00 pm in the church cafeteria. Chinese school will provide a cake to celebrate Mother’s Day.

1:30 to 3:00 pm– Regular class in session, Award store

3:00 to 4:00 pm– Award assembly, Yearbooks distribution, Year-end student performance

4:00 to 4:30 PM – Fellowship with refreshments, Soccer Team Practice ( Please Bring chips or Boys and Girls Please Bring Dessert Drink ).

Attached Please Find the Registration Forms and class Schedule for the Fall Semester. We Encourage you to Register Early for the Fall Semester to Guarantee a SEAT in the Classroom. The School website is  www.ecbcchineseschool.org , Which contains information of classes and activities School . Please feel free to go on line and contact us with any suggestions or questions. Please continue to collect the Box Top labels through the summer and turn them in to Chinese school when the classes are in session this August. Emmanuel Chinese School wants to take this opportunity to thank all the parents’ support and cooperation this year. We wish you all have a great summer! See you Saturday.


Cai Yu Fen / Vickie Chyan

Spring Garden Seminar this Saturday


Spring Garden seminar_2015 

Speaker: Johnson County Master Gardener


Jim Crist

Spring Gardening Seminar



1:30 P.M. — 2:30PM


10101 ENGLAND DRIVE. OPKS, 66212

ROOM 101

中文学校学生表演/ECS Students’ Performance‏




明天中一点正(101教室)晚上KCCA– Indian Creek community Church (12480 Black Bob Rd, Olathe KS) 有合唱彩点正KCCA合唱正式表演一起庆祝中国新年。请家长们给孩子们穿着中国服裝或襯衫和腳穿皮鞋。谢


Dear Parents and Teachers,

Good Afternoon!

Chinese School would like to remind everyone that we are having a students’ performance for Chinese New Year from 2:30pm to 3:30pm at ECBC Chinese worship sanctuary tomorrow.  You, your family and friends are cordially invited to join us to enjoy the performance.

The choir will rehearse in room 101 at 1:00pm and in 
Indian Creek community Church (12480 Black Bob Rd, Olathe KS) at 4:50pm tomorrow.  The dress code is Chinese attire or shirts with dress shoes.  Please no jeans or sneakers.  Thank you.

Wish you all a Happy Valentine’s Day!

蔡瑜芬/Vickie Chyan